About Us

“It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see” – Thoreau

Artist gallery

Artist gallery

Here in Marion, Iowa, is a small artist colony, under one roof, that works together to inspire each other and exhibit their creative talents. Explore their imagination to find what just might be the focal or inspiration point of your home or business.

Our Resident Artists

Deb Weiser – mixed mediums

Cris Sell – acrylic

Alyssa James – photography, acrylics, encaustic photography

Jackie Morey – oil, acrylic, air brush

Don Dixson – fabric

Cindy Moss – Stone


Our Associate Artists
Bill Ball – Ceramic
Jon Lorence – Basketry
Bev Hannon – Watercolors
Ian Hall – Photography
Michaeljohn Gray – Glass

Sherie Thompson – Mixed Mediums

We have quarterly “call to artists” shows that invite any and all artists to participate. Each “call” has a theme to which the artist responds and interpret in any way that they want. Judging is done by celebrity and qualified artists. Ribbons and cash prizes are offered.

If you are an artist, contact us about either studio or gallery space.

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