Jackie Morey

Jacklynn Morey is best known for her natural ability to bring the canvas to life. As a child, Morey displayed promising work in the art world. She was winning competitions as young as first grade, several years later, advancing to win statewide competitions. In high school, Morey began to explore a range of different mediums, everything from pen and pencil, to watercolor and acrylic. Acrylic painting quickly became her medium of choice. Going into college, she was introduced to oils and implemented a more boldly gestured realism into her practice, often exploring the contrast of natural versus manufactured. “I want to reveal how human destruction can so easily disguise itself as desirable,” she says. Morey absorbed a wide range of influences. Jim Hoker, her grandfather, began to instill in her love of nature through art, as well as family friend and artist, Christopher Davis, who inspired her to never give up her dreams of becoming a painter. With a combination of passion and talent, this young artist continues to impress and progress, expressing outwardly her ideas of corruption and beauty.

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